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About Printed Catalogs


We get many requests for a 'printed' catalog....


Yes we get many requests for printed catalogs for West by Southwest Decor.  However, since we like to think of ourselves as socially and environmentally conscious, we have elected to forego all printed paper catalogs for the following reasons:

1.    They are expensive and as a result, we would have to raise our prices to cover the added cost, meaning our customers would have to pay more.
2.    Paper catalogs come from trees - oh yes, many use 'recycled' paper, which is good, but the production and manufacturing of recycled paper is still adding to our already suffering environment - we don't need to hurt the air we breathe any more than we already have.

3.    All of the available products we have to offer are already listed on our sites with the best photos available allowing you to 'zoom' in on them for viewing.

4.    You can follow us on Twitter as all new products are listed there when they get added.  New products are also listed on our Facebook page as soon as they are added.

5.    You can like us on Facebook and look for any specials we offer to our followers.

6.    Our website is fully mobile and can be viewed on all cell phones, ipads, desktops, tablets, laptops, or whatever device is used to connect to the internet.  If anyone has a problem with a particular device, let us know and our tech will update the sites.

7.    You can use Pinterest to share and save your favorite products to your own board and refer to it any time.  This is the best way to envision what you want for the future - we use it too!

All this while saving the environment!

Thanks for understanding and thanks for shopping West by Southwest Decor - your boutique western and southwestern home decor store.

Management Team
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