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Measuring for Lampshade



A lampshade should look proportional to the lamp on which it sits, reflecting the shape and style of the lamp.  In general, the taller the lamp, the larger the shade should be.

Lampshades are measured and sized according to:

A.   width across the top
B.   width across the bottom
C.   height down the side


For example, 10" top, 16" bottom, 12" side

  • The width across the bottom is what is referred to as the lampshade size.  So a shade with the example measurements above would be referred to as a 16" shade.
  • If you have an existing shade and want a similar one, simply measure it and find a shade with a similar measurement.  
  • If the measurements are not exactly the same as your shade, remember that the height is the most important size to match with your existing shade.  
  • If you do not have an existing shade, or simply want something different in style and/or size, measure the top of the lamp's hard to just below the socket in which the bulb fits.  The basic rule of thumb is that the shade you choose should have a bottom diameter (B) that is approximately equal to this measurement.

The height of the shade should always be long enough to cover the socket when viewed at eye level.  Changing harps is an easy way to adjust the height of the shade on a lamp that is fitted with a harp.  However, you can also adjust the height by using a shade riser found at your local hardware store.

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