Shipping Policies

Shipping Policy

Please allow UP to 10 days for an in-stock item to ship.  Many items ship sooner.  Made to Order and Custom Made items can take 2 to 8 weeks, depending on the item and the shop - read the product description on each item.  Our shops work Monday to Friday, excluding Holidays.  Should an item be Out of stock, but can be produced, at the time it is ordered will take 2-8 weeks for production before it comes back into stock.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us before placing your order and we will obtain stock availability for you.

NOTE: Items marked "Made to order" will be made once the order is received and submitted to the shop for production. Production Times vary depending on the particular item. Please read the product description for estimated production times indicated in the 'Ships Within' statement.

NOTE: Items marked "Available to order* are items that are normally 'in stock' and should ship in a couple of days. However, should the item go out of stock, if it is produced in the USA, it will be made as soon as possible and shipped.  Imported items that go out of stock at the warehouse may take several months and in most cases you will be offered the option to take a refund or wait on the item to come back into stock allowing you to get the item at the current price.


There are 3 things that can contribute to a high, or EXCESSIVE shipping cost.

1. Because we use a variety of suppliers and some items are shipped directly from them, shipping charges may appear ‘excessive’ if you add more than one item from two or more suppliers, as each will require an individual shipping cost from each supplier involved.  

2. Smaller items may have a larger shipping cost due to a particular warehouse shipping only via FedEx or UPS when we may know it 'could' be shipped cheaper via USPS.  Please know that we have not padded our item prices with shipping costs because shipping costs are a non-taxed item, therefore it saves you money.

3. Orders exceeding $325 are shipped with SIGNATURE REQUIRED which is an added fee with UPS, USPS, and FedEx. This is for your protection, as well as ours. We want to be sure you get the item(s) you purchased and not leave them for some stranger to pick up off your porch!

NOTE: You **WILL BE REFUNDED** for any amount above the ACTUAL shipping charges. However, we will not know the actual shipping charge until the item(s) actually ship.

NOTE: Items returned by shipping carrier for being refused or undeliverable (no one is there to sign for package, etc), or if customer does not accept or pick up the package after 3 delivery attempts will have to pre-pay for a 2nd shipping cost prior to the package being resent, or you will have the cost of return shipping charges deducted from any refund amount prior to refund being issued.



Orders are processed within 48 hours of receipt by West by Southwest Decor, a Pick My Gift store, Monday - Friday, excluding holidays.  Orders will ONLY be shipped to a verifiable address and will NOT be shipped to a P.O. Box Number.  An e-mail address and contact phone number are required in the event of a delay in shipment or back-order notification.  All major purchases will require SIGNATURE ON DELIVERY, so please have someone available to sign for the package.

We use UPS, USPS, & FEDEX as shippers, depending on the product to be shipped and by which supplier.  Our shipping prices are set per product based on the carrier that will be used for that product.   

Shipping for 3-day select, overnight, or other special delivery will require additional costs. Not all items are available to ship right away since some items are made to order.  If you have any questions, please call our office at 1-866-376-2985 #3 for rates and availability of special shipping arrangements.

 Drop Shipping:

We can drop ship your order to a family or friend by having you put the name and address of the person to receive the order in the Ship To section of the shopping cart.  You will then put your own information in the Bill To section of the shopping cart. Note:  Billing information must match credit card information or your order will not be processed.  Once payment has cleared, your order will be drop shipped to the individual you specified in the Ship To section.

We do NOT have a wholesale drop-ship program - we are a retailer.  However, we can offer quantity purchase discounts to home owners that are building or remodeling, decorators, Realtors, builders, consultants, and other businesses - please contact us for a quote.

Depending on the shipping zone you live in, orders may take up to 10 business days for delivery, excluding holidays.  You will receive an e-mail notification when your order is received and again when your order is shipped. Keep a copy of your e-mail notification as it will contain your order tracking number.  If you place and order and do not receive an order confirmation email within 12 hours, please contact our office.


All above applies, but there is an additional surcharge added to checkout to cover the higher shipping cost to these areas.  Some of our manufacturers/shops will NOT ship to Canada, Alaska or Hawaii... read below.


International Shipping is now available if the customer utilizes the World Wide Shipping Services of FROM-US, SHIPITO, or other similar Mail Forwarding Service and uses the US address provided by them.  HOWEVER, you must obtain shipping INSURANCE FROM THE US MAIL SHIPPING SERVICE as our standard shipping (UPS/FedEx/USPS) insurance ONLY covers the package from our manufacturer to the US Shipping Address given at time of order.  The secondary shipment from the mail forwarding shipping address to international destinations can ONLY be covered by optional Mail Forwarding Shipping Service provider.  Please advise us in the comments section at the time of order if the item is being shipped internationally via a US Mail Forwarding Shipping Service so we can be sure to have the package properly packaged for over-seas shipping.


Orders shipped via UPS or FedEx to Canada will incur duty taxes and Broker Fees that must be paid by the recipient in Canada.  These fees and taxes are NOT included in shipping costs.  Please contact your local Canadian broker for fees.  Additional Information can be obtained by contacting UPS International Shipping.  Some manufacturers will NOT ship to Canada directly and will therefore require consumer to utilize a shipping service as described in the International Shipping section.

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